Flux It All

Pull Up A Toadstool

Sometimes life has a way of throwing a curve ball

Other times you are the ball, and find yourself hurtling

At what feels like a speed faster than light

Begging for it all to slow down, to be able to catch your breath

Silently shouldering the fear while reassuring them that all is well

Just when you think that you have it all figured out

To a level at which you can ride the wave with a little ease

Yet another wave crashes onto the shore, washing uncertainty through your soul

Making you question things you had just begun to accept

Taking what felt like an anchor in the storm and raising it off the bottom

Just enough to feel the earth unsteady under your feet once more

The break so brief that it may as well be a relentless onslaught of change

About all you can do is hold…

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New poetry

Pull Up A Toadstool


Some moments are reminders to slow down, for life moves fast enough

To enjoy the simple things which fill the world with magic

Like the fiery glow of daylight dipping down over the horizon

Or the intoxicating scent of honeysuckle and peonies drifting through the air

Accompanied by the sound of a lone trumpet player in the distance

Warm summer evenings filled with kisses sweeter then raspberry wine

The feel of my lover’s fingers intertwined with mine, like the finest lace

Weaving tenderness clear down to the toes, perhaps into the earth itself

Take in the sight of the gentle breeze ruffling his sun kissed hair as he sits on the park bench

Tune in, be present, these snapshots of life become etched in the heart

Forever coloring the world with memories, and unlocking the doors of possibility



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