Among the things which have been popping up with me and with the people that I am close to is time…striking a balance between work, the ones we love, and time just for ourselves. This includes finding the time to work on projects which are important that it is difficult to otherwise find time for, for various reasons. In my own life, things have changed so drastically that I have had a difficult time keeping in touch with a few people who are important to me.

One of the shifts which I’ve made in recent years is prioritizing things like my writing, art, and a little bit of self indulgent time here and there. Not only that, but I have made a social life a priority which is not something I’ve ever done really in the way that I do now. It has been a little difficult to get past the guilt of the past. It used to be impossible for me to do the things that I have been doing lately because I felt like a “bad” person for taking the time for “my stuff” instead of being at the ready for my loved ones at all times, even if that meant that I never got around to what mattered to me personally.

Something a little amusing (to me) about that is that I would tell my loved ones and my clients to make sure that they took time for themselves and to absolve themselves of guilt for doing so. It was so easy for me to see that this was okay for everyone else but myself. Now I’m getting it, but now and then the guilt still creeps in and I have to remind myself of what I’m always telling everyone else. Not only is it okay to make the time for ourselves and our stuff…it’s what we should be doing. Not only does it help us to strike a balance of health and satisfaction within ourselves, but it also helps us to be a better friend, family member, lover…whatever…to the people we care about.

As always, there is a little disclaimer. There is balance in all things, including this. Of course, relationships require maintenance and we can’t just completely neglect them. Just know that it’s okay to take that time that you need for yourself, and that the people who truly care about you will not only understand it, they will encourage it.

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