NaPoWriMo ~ Day 26 ~ Closed

The Door Has Closed

After decades of life, lived in a way that wasn’t true

To who I was at my very core, to who I aspired to be

The time came to release my grip on what never was

So that I could walk toward what I wished to create

It wasn’t so much about turning my back on anything,

But a choice to turn and face the brightness of being

To fill my days with happiness and peace, along with

Excitement about the exploration of what makes my

Entire being come alive and to dance to the rhythms

Which emanate from deep inside my own heart

I’ve released the guilt which wasn’t mine to claim along with

Ownership of the burdens meant to be carried by another

And embraced love, true love which exists just because

With no fear, expectation, or obligation attached

Just a simple, joyous state of being, free to live and love

The door to yesterday has closed with all of its narrowness sealed away

Allowing me to seize the moment which lies ahead, the bindings gone

Blinders off, and the future wide open.

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