NaPoWriMo ~ Day 25 ~ Spaces

The prompt today at NaPoWriMo is to write a poem which explores a small, defined space.

Trinket Pouch

Inside your palm-size leather boundaries lie comfort

You go with me everywhere, containing little things with lots of meaning

A small photo out of a photo booth from a lifetime ago

Which chronicles the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of sisters

A few acorns, a tradition borrowed from the ancient Norse people

To imbue my heart with a sense of strength and the energy of life

Rose quartz as a reminder of love, a reminder to hold it in my heart

And a reminder that it is alive and well in the world

There are other things hidden inside of this pouch

These things are just for me – others might find them silly

But to me they are symbols of things which are sacred

Little reminders of the sweeter, more gentle side of life

With just a dash of fortitude thrown in for good measure.

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