NaPoWriMo ~ Day 22 ~ Georgic

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a georgic in honor of Earth Day.

Treat Her Well

Our beautiful mother Earth has been crying out for help

Begging us to relent in our quest for the almighty dollar

For long enough to see what we are doing to her, to our home

There is so much beauty in her lands, skies, and seas

She works hard to keep herself pristine despite our destructive actions

The natural order of things is amazingly adept at keeping things in balance

But how long can she carry on as her filters get clogged and her cleansing

Waters grow more and more acidic and sullied?


Mother earth is not averse to our progress, which is apparent

When we see the abundance of resources with which she offers us to work

It is our greed and lust for money and power which has begun to ring her death knell

Some wonder if it is already too late, but they underestimate her amazing ability

To regenerate and heal, both herself and the things which live in and on her

The time has come to nurture her in the way that she has us

Look around and see the amazing gifts in the everyday things that many of us rush by

Without her we have nothing, so it is time to treat her well.


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