NaPoWriMo ~ Day 21 ~ Possessed

I’m a day behind so, this is a catch up post. I’ll be doing today’s poem shortly after this one. The prompt yesterday at NaPoWriMo was to use something that you overheard as the basis for a poem.


She’s possessed by the devil I heard them say, when just a girl of ten

The elders in the church and a few members of my family spoke these grave words

An already terrified heart was filled with even more fear

For this meant that surely their god could never love me

It felt as though my fate had been sealed, that I had been deemed unredeemable

What a way for a child to feel, the tone was set for many years of hard lessons

The height of the mountain of self doubt and depracation was like that of Everest

For many years I became the yes girl, the girl who went out of her way to please

Thinking that this is how I was supposed to be, even though being that person

Dimmed the light in my soul a little more with each passing year

But there was no choice in my damaged psyche for any other action because

My offense, my “pact with the devil” had been to question their teachings about love

How could it be considered love to treat people in the way that they advocated?

My young mind couldn’t wrap its mind around how it could be right to shun

To punish so severely as to break a person’s spirit was their way of bringing

A sheep properly back into the flock and keep them on the path to paradise

How dare I question the word of those who knew better, and even worse, god himself

You may have worn me down and created a storm inside of me which raged for years

But never once was my spirit defeated, for you were mere mortals

Who placed themselves on high, appointing one another into positions

That only exist in your own twisted minds and pervert the very notion of what love is

If anyone shall be damned, it will not be that innocent girl whose innocence you marred

You shall be the ones who have to lie in the beds which you made, as I carry on in life

With my head held high, knowing that I broke my pact with the devil

On the day that I walked away from you and began my journey to healing.



4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo ~ Day 21 ~ Possessed

    • Tracy Moore says:

      Aww and she loves you! Thank you Jules. I’m going to be doing just that in the next few months. I’ll keep you posted.
      lol your support means a lot devil child twin o’mine xx


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