NaPoWriMo ~ Day 19 ~ Creation Myth

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a poem which recounts creation myth.

How Your Life Came To Be A Mess

It is an epic tale, that of how your life came to be in shambles

The web you’ve spun which centers around how the world has done you wrong

Now flutters in the wind, barely holding on to its anchor in tatters

As the truth unfolds and the deceptions are made clear

Even you cannot remember all of the lies you’ve told, so how do you expect

The world, and especially me to believe in the ever morphing version

Which you call the truth?


Everywhere you go, things lie in ruins in your wake

From property, to relationships, and the hearts of those who love you

Yet, to hear you tell the tale it is everyone else’s fault but yours

It was the fault of your family who love you dearly and have

Done everything in their power to help you to get on your feet

Because they cannot send unlimited amounts of money to

Pay your way out of yet another self-created disaster


It was the fault of the mean landlord who had the nerve to expect

That the rent was paid on time and the home kept to a livable standard

How dare they make such unreasonable demands?

It wasn’t your fault that you spent all of your money on gadgets, takeout, and booze

And that all of those dirty clothes and trash covered the floor and walls

After all, how could you endure all of your hardships without the latest i-Phone?


It was the fault of your employer that you got your hours cut and eventually fired

Because they unreasonably expected that you show up on time, look presentable and

Go through the day with a decent attitude and demeanor. What is wrong with them?

You can’t be expected to be in a good mood when you are hung over.


It was the fault of the school for butting in where they do not belong

Calling the authorities due to glaringly obvious problems which created

Concern for the well-being of all of your children. Who did they think they were?

To feel love and concern for this beautiful child, not to mention performing

Their legal obligation to report what looks like neglect and abuse is unfathomable

To you.


In your eyes, the world has picked on you something fiercely

Granted life hasn’t been perfect. No one’s has, and that’s the truth

Despite your feelings of martyrdom and ability to believe your own lies

It is time to dispel the myth and get to the heart of the matter


You have always been loved by people who have bent over backward

Despite how you choose to see it. By people with oftentimes way larger

Problems than your own, and through no fault of their own. After all

No one chooses to have a physical ailment, as one chooses to prioritize

Ridiculousness over that of the wellbeing of their families and themselves.


You have always been supported by those who love you to the best of

Their abilities, mostly with not so much as a thank you or a phone call

To simply say hello and how are you. Did you expect that this could go on

Forever? That once you brought new lives into this world that a blind eye

Could continue to be turned while you systematically destroy those lives?

Before casting stones toward those who have and would have given their all

To be there for you, look in the mirror please, and admit that you need help

Real help in order to heal the things which drive you down a dangerous path

Understand that the time has come for you to learn the difference between

Love and enabling. Then you might see that you have never been alone, and

That those who love you can no longer help you to harm yourself and the

Innocent ones you’ve chosen to bring into this world.




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