NaPoWriMo ~ Day 18 ~ Neologisms

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a poem using neologisms, which are made up words.

Sometimes There Are No Words

There are times when I find myself searching

Not knowing the right words to express something

Like the feeling that I get in my chest

When a special someone leans in and kisses me

My knees go all kerwobblish and my heart buzz-tumbles in my chest

It’s the feeling of my entire being coming alive

The spring in my step restored with every percussion and

Flash of love bombs going off, releasing a haze of bliss bubbles

Which envelop me in an intoxicating cloud, lost in the moment

Everything ceases to exist outside of the building

Intensity of emotion and desire.


Is there even a word big enough, powerful enough

To describe that wild rush of feelings coursing through

My veins? They take over. My tongue gets tied, and I lose

The ability to think clearly. When it builds to near-madness, the

Only thing that matters is drawing nearer, to be able to

Feel the warmth of bodies entwined in a passion pretzel

A whisper of breath down the side of my neck drives

Me to the brink of a fantabulous meltdown in which

I turn into a swirling puddle of pink and purple

Ecstasy-waves which swirl and crash in a crazy rhythm

At the mercy of his gravitational pull. Like the sea and the moon

We are caught up in the dance till the ardorcane passes and we

Lazily drift into the eye, waiting for the next round to make landfall.

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