NaPoWriMo ~ Day 13 ~ I Smile

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a ghazal. For more information on the ghazal form of poetry, please visit the link above.

I Smile

As I sit here, body and head throbbing, I think of all of the good in my life and I smile.

No matter how rough the waters get, I’m reminded of those who hold me up with the love in their hearts and I smile.


There are days when my mind is like a time machine, dragging me back in time, kicking and screaming all the way.

But then I am reminded of the happy times in between the tears and the fear, and I smile.


Through many trials of disillusion have I walked, both with people that I thought that I knew and at times with myself.

These times were hard, but when I think of the freedom and growth of knowing the truth, I smile.


After a lifetime spent in self examination, healing, retraining, and learning to love and trust again, my heart swells with ease and contentment.

To find my identity without looking through the eyes of someone else to see who and what I am is such a gift, and I smile.


In learning to love myself I now know real love. I have watched the illusions fade away, like mirages. Leaving my life one by one.

While hard to understand sometimes that it’s just better that way, I’ve learned to accept what is and anticipate what awaits in the vacated spaces. As I see what is walking in, I smile.


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