NaPoWriMo ~ Day 2

The prompt for day 2 at NaPoWriMo was to write a poem in the form of a recipe, for something real or imaginary. Of course I’ll be opting for imaginary. This should be fun!

Monster Repellant

There are many things which one can do to keep the beasties away

Below is a fool proof recipe to ensure that your life remains monster free

You will need several ingredients to create the perfect formula

Below are the ingredients needed for one week’s worth of repellant

1 large stack of bricks to build a wall (reserve a few for later)

1 four by six foot mirror to deflect all negativity and remind you of who you are

1 spray bottle of rose water, salt water, or holy water to spritz the wall and mirror weekly

7 Tbsp of honey to remind you of life’s sweetness

With these four simple ingredients, you can keep your life monster free

The wall serves as a barrier, allowing you time to examine what walks into your life

Mirrors are great tools to deflect any unwanted energy away, while keeping an eye on our own identity

One of the quickest ways to chase away a nasty beast is to let it see itself

The spray bottle can be filled with the liquid of your choice, for what resonates with you is what shall be most effective

When used weekly, the spray serves to keep the monsters away by keeping the energy cleared

It also reminds us to keep our resolve strong, and our senses alert for signs of unwanted beings

The honey of course, taken daily is good to remind us of how sweet life truly is, as nothing repels monsters faster than joy and love (can be substituted for flowers)

Last but not least, the remaining bricks should be ground up into dust and sprinkled at the entrances to our homes

This brick dust is a tried and true method of keeping one’s enemies out

A powerful symbol that nothing negative is allowed in, expressed in potent voodoo style

*Side note – this recipe is also effective against assholes


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