Nurturing The Creative Heart

All of last week, other than posting a few times here, my online time has been absolutely zero…other than for work and to check email a few times. It has felt so good that I am seriously thinking about making online absence a more regular occurrence. I used to go web free all the time, just a few years ago. My professional and personal life have become much busier over the past several months, which is great. It’s just that the time has just come for me to adjust a few things.

I am sure that many of you will relate to what I’m writing here today, because there are a lot of wonderfully creative people who visit here regularly. Once certain areas of my life had begun to fall into place, I didn’t really make any changes in how I was spending my online time. For the past few years, I’ve been largely focused on creating content which was centered in the area in which I was developing a professional presence.

While I have continued to share creative material in addition to my other content, much of what were my roots in the blogosphere were slowly fading into the background. Since my earliest days of blog writing, I have always felt free to dig into deeper topics as I wended my way through life lessons with the hope that someone out there reading might relate and find some solace. I’m sure that I will always do this, because it is part of who I am…not just something that I do. In recent years however, I have lost some of my spontaneity due to the direction that I felt I needed to go in professionally.

With all of that being said, I have been fortunate enough for my professional life to develop to a degree which allows me more freedom to focus on creativity and living joyfully. It just took my brain a little while to catch up to this reality. There will be some changes here on the site as I dive back into my creative practices. I’ll be changing the layout somewhat, because while the appearance of the site now is much more polished than I’ve created in years past, I have begun to miss my old eclectic self…the person who I am in day to day life.

All of this to say that I have come to realize (again) how important it is to nurture our creative sides. There are going to be times in which we have less freedom to do so as we tend to other things. I’m here to tell you though…no matter how busy things may otherwise get, it is really important to carve out a few moments here and there to indulge in artistic pleasures, no matter which form they may take for each of us. For a creative person, going for extended periods without tending that part of us is a recipe for discontent.

From here on, you can expect to see more “real, creative, weird” me and less “professional” me. What a time to start…just in time for National Poetry Month which officially kicked off on Saturday, but I didn’t realize it till now. Better late than never huh? It might take me a little while to get back into a groove creatively as I’m much busier than in years past but I am so excited about it, that I’m sure that I’ll carve out the time. The energy isn’t an issue…not when it is sheer pleasure.

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