Too Soon

She has sought the light since time began

Yet darkness ever reaches out to touch her soul

When the glimmer gets just bright enough to put a sparkle in her eyes

Tendrils of grey snake their way around her heart

As a reminder that her time has not yet arrived

There is more fire to walk through – for whatever the reason

Her mind often wonders how many tests she must take

Before getting her pass to walk in the brightness for more than just a moment

Whether sunshine or moonlight matters not to her

Only that her heart be warmed by the brilliance of true joy

That her body can stand next to the heat of love for long enough

To form an ember which glows, instead of only a spark

Before being extinguished by the cold mists of the bitter side of truth

Pondering when the sweetness of life shall pay more than a passing visit, she mourns

Each and every pinprick of light which has faded way too soon


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