Time To Be Still

In the past week, I have been envisioning myself someplace quiet…someplace natural, like a cabin with a mountain stream running by or an oceanfront cottage. Life has been so busy, with so many changes, that I have reached a point in which more than anything else, the need to disconnect from everything for a few days is becoming paramount. At some point this year I’ll be making a getaway, but I’m going to need a break before that. It isn’t that my life is bad…far from it.

Life’s actually pretty great overall. I’d be remiss however, if I left out that there have been some big challenges in recent weeks which have left me drained. For the next little while, I plan on scaling back my online presence. I’ll still be posting here Monday through Friday because you know how it is for writers…we just have to write. What I’ll be scaling back is my presence on social media and online forums.

Starting on Friday, I’m taking a week-long vacation from my online presence…other than this blog. Next Monday and Tuesday I plan to take for myself in the real world as well, to simply be. It is time to regroup and recharge. My company for those days will be a good book, my art supplies, a bubble bath or two, and my bed (I plan on sleeping A LOT). I simply need to be still for a little while. To be with myself and my thoughts…to have time to meditate, read, and paint, without keeping an eye on the clock. As I go through this week, I’ll be daydreaming about it and reminding myself that a respite is only a week away.

What do you do when you need to recharge?


2 thoughts on “Time To Be Still

  1. Julie says:

    Time for yourself is always a good thing. Recharging you body, mind and soul. Regrouping your thoughts. Meditation and just doing nothing as you rest. All done for yourself is a gift. Not only for you but for everyone that knows and loves you, for if you don’t recharge, you will not be aware of what needs you have, or the needs of others. So rest my dear sister and recharge. I will be with you in any way that you need. Candles, stones, thoughts and always love.

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