The Door Closes

Sometimes doors open, only to be closed again all too soon

Not to be mourned because there is only so far that I could have gone inside

There were many things on the other side of that door which changed everything

Even though love was out of reach, my eyes were opened to what could be

Somehow in the midst of all the confusion, I realized that it was time

To open the gates to my heart and allow the trappings of the past to flow away with my tears

I knew that it was safe to try once more, to push past the fears planted long ago

And trust that there is someone open, true, kind and ready to love in return

While the lessons learned in that small room were bittersweet, I shall ever be grateful

Even as I sadly watch the door closing, I eagerly grasp the key which was handed me

A key which has unlocked the parts of my being which had been chained for years

While it wasn’t the right key to fully open the door inside which it lay, it was a perfect fit in many ways

Now I have to allow the door to close, knowing that what was inside, while wonderful

Was never intended for me, which was a lot easier to explain to the brain than the heart

Onward I go with my newfound knowledge that what I seek exists…just behind a different door

One which can be thrown open wide to greet me completely

Allowing me to walk all the way in and inviting me to stay

Warm, welcoming…a place where there is belonging…home

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