Decluttering, Simplifying, Making Room

In the past week, I’ve begun another wave of paring down and changing things up. More and more, the desire to clear the way for happiness and balance is paramount. Over the past several months, there have been major changes in my professional and personal life…and it’s fantastic. The thing is, it hit me recently that I’ve been focusing on one area of life and largely neglecting key elements of myself. Over the years, a big part of what has helped me to stay centered and grounded is creative expression.

There are no complaints from me about the way that my life has been since back in November when things really started to change. It has taken a little while for me to realize that there were certain areas of my life that I just didn’t need to continue to work as long and hard at, because those areas are now in full swing. For a while I kept going full throttle in that area, but my creative life went pretty dormant. This is okay and as it should be, because having a singular area of focus for several months made that part of me even more dedicated and confident.

In the past two to three weeks, I have really started to miss the creativity. Just a few days ago, it finally hit me that I could reclaim that part of myself. After all, I have reached a level of success which I’m pretty content with spiritually. While that will always be evolving and growing…there will always be more to learn, and more room to expand and change…I have an abundance of work which I am very grateful for. So now that I finally see it, I am getting geared up to dust off my art supplies and put my writer’s cap back on again. Just today, I decluttered and organized my art supply shelves. It felt good to simply be touching my brushes, markers, papers, and canvas.

It isn’t that I won’t be posting my usual type of content here anymore. Honestly, I do not feel that it would even be possible for me to stop showing up and sharing things that I am learning and understanding along the way. That too is a huge part of who I am. Since a pretty young age, it has been apparent to me that a large part of how we learn is by relating to one another. While we may take away something entirely different, or at least have our own unique spin, there is something special and powerful about being able to read or hear about the experiences of others. It makes things click sometimes, or minimally, helps us to understand that we aren’t alone in our journey toward wholeness.

The question that I’d like to leave with this time is this:

Are there areas of your life in which you could ease up a little or declutter, in order to make room for a more complete balance of all of the aspects of yourself?

As always, there is no need to put an answer in the comments, unless you’d like to share (which is always welcome).

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Decluttering, Simplifying, Making Room

  1. finding1sself says:

    Good Monday Morning Sistar,

    I am looking forward to more de-cluttering and organizing int he weeks ahead. Got one more really nice camping trip in and marked off my bucket list.. It was exhausting but oh so much fun.


    • Tracy Moore says:

      Good Wednesday afternoon Sistar!

      The de-cluttering seems to be a theme these days huh? I am so glad that you got that camping trip in and had a a good time. You deserve that. Sending big hugs your way…love you.


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