A Cold Place

When the clock strikes midnight, and the house is cold and dark

Desolation can set in, bringing with it a bereft feeling

A longing for warm arms to fold into, safe and loved

Instead of the empty expanse which has become my company

As comfortable as I am in my own skin, content with my being

There is at times a craving for various things, which only another can provide

A feeling of belonging, the comfort of another presence, the heat of passion

Though the truth is that it is better to learn to swim alone

Than to wade with a hungry shark who is hungry for more than its due

The empty spaces still pervade at times, leaving tears in a soul

Stabbing away relentlessly during low times, like a vicious dagger

Perhaps someday, a spark will be kindled, bringing with it a radiant fire

Which feeds without consuming, cleanses without destruction



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