Sweet Nothings

Sweet nothings are nothing, yet sweet nonetheless

Reveling in the tender moments, warm in each others arms

Cocooned in an oxytocin haze – a chemical facade

As the buzz fades and realism returns with the truth

That no matter how sweet, nothing is still nothing

Savor the magic while it lasts – remember that it won’t

Never losing heart nor hope, for not all sweetness fades

Leave the door open while being mindful of the truth

That sometimes we are in a now which will not be a forever

But that resignation is never an option, if  what lasts is to be found




2 thoughts on “Sweet Nothings

    • Tracy Moore says:

      I concur…it is a bit sad. As for wanting it to last forever, while I’m learning to savor it while it lasts, I will always be a hopeless romantic at my deepest core. So, downfall? Nah, we just still believe that perhaps, someday…


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