Perceptions And Expectations

I’ve recently had a few powerful reminders about perception and expectation. Not only those of others, but my own. It is human nature to perceive things and people as we wish them to be, and not always as they are. Last week, something happened in my life which was downright scary, but in the end, it was okay and I wasn’t physically harmed. I definitely learned a valuable lesson in regards to awareness of my surroundings though.

There was another lesson in this experience…which was that my perceptions needed a bit of work. It hasn’t been easy to see how I had colored certain parts of my life with expectations. I’m definitely not perfect, and perfection isn’t my expectation of others. All of us, including me, have our perceptions shaded by our prior experiences and conditioning. One of the things which I strive for is to observe what style of compassion people who matter to me need in their times of difficulty. No matter how hard I try to do this, I know that I have fallen short of my mark on many occasions. While right now, I am evaluating certain things, I remain aware of another inherent truth…which is that wishing for others to give us the type of love that we need…is an expectation.

Our perceptions of others, as well as our expectations are mirrors of what is going on in ourselves. They are expressions of what we are looking for…what our hearts are asking for…the vision of what our desires would look like manifested. What I am slowly working my way around to is allowing my disappointment resulting from my perceptions and expectations to fade away and integrate the lesson. Right now, the lesson seems to be that I am learning what my soul is asking for more of. As far as expecting that from particular people…that is the part which I am working on releasing. We all know on some level that expectations of others are not the key to successful relationships. Knowing the type of people we wish to be near and surrounding ourselves with them is.

Now that this understanding has time to more fully sink into my being, I’ll be able to focus on opening myself up more for the things which make my heart happy. To attract that which fills me with joy. It isn’t my wish to be disappointed in others. My wish is to allow myself to focus on the good things which drive me to be at my best…to live at my best…and to allow those things to come in. I’m opening the door wide, and trusting.

Today, I have two questions which we’d all be wise to ask of ourselves…and answer honestly so that we can be more empowered and free. (Yes, knowing the answers is extremely freeing…even if initially a bit painful.) No need to answer them here. This is definitely a personal thing, and my desire is simply to share and maybe help you to add to your own growth toolbox right along with me.

Are your perceptions working for your benefit and presenting you with realistic information?

Do you have expectations of others which are setting the stage for disappointment?

Even if your answers lead you to conclude that things are not as you’d like for them to be, please don’t play the blame game…on yourselves or on others. Make a plan which will lead you in the right direction for yourself.

Much love,


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