Make It So

My new favorite mantra comes from Captain Jean Luc Picard, from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (for those of you who do not recognize the phrase). Why am I writing about this? Well, as a person who is a big proponent of being masters of our destiny, as well as taking control and responsibility over and for our lives…this phrase just fits…across the board. Even when thinking about the law of attraction…it just fits.

Before I go any further, I have to say that I have been a lifelong resister of the Star Trek franchise for bizarre personal reasons…that is, until a new friend suggested that we watch some of it together because he was pretty sure that I’d love it. I scoffed because I was certain that I would not, but opened my mind (a little) and gave it a go. Now, here I am several months later counting down the days until I can binge on a few episodes with my friend on the weekends. To my friend, if he reads this…thanks for properly introducing me to Star Trek and helping me to put even more stamps on my geek card. 🙂

Now, back to the phase itself…”Make it so”…three little words, three powerful words. For any of you who have been working with breaking through the barriers of “I can’t”, “it’s impossible”, “I’m not good enough”, “this is a pipe dream”, seriously try out using those three words as a mantra. Not just as something to say, but as something that you fully believe in every fiber of your being. I found these words to be a missing link in my personal “attraction” work. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for years, I’ve meditated, worked with varying principles of the law of attraction philosophy…and have had wonderful measures of success.

So, where’s the missing link you might ask? I found it hard to maintain the ever positive, never wavering way of thinking…being constantly mindful of self talk…etc. As many people share with me, there are parts of myself which I’ve already been working on for decades and will likely always need to keep tabs on. Those pieces of me have created disconnects at times because of how ingrained certain ways of thinking about things can be…how insidious old patterns, thoughts, and loops can be. I call them loops because there are some things which were so profound/traumatic that they seem to circle back for yet another go around. These types of patterns are like layers of an onion, which get peeled back more and more as the years go on. I used to think of this as problems resurfacing, but now I’ve come to view this as a deeper layer of healing.

I digress…make it so…those three words for me just feel more powerful. They aren’t like a wish. It isn’t like stating a desire. “Make it so” is a statement…determined…confident. There’s nothing wishy-washy about those words. When I think or say these words, I am certain that something can be done…that something can come into my life…that I have it in me (not only the ability, but the strength and endurance) to be an active participant in creating the life that feels like ‘me’. It may or may not have the same impact for you as it does for me, but hey…sharing is how we sometimes find as well as impart nuggets of helpfulness. Below is a YouTube clip to show the inflection and and unwavering certainty with which these words are spoken in the series. Do you have a catch phrase or mantra that works as powerfully for you?


2 thoughts on “Make It So

  1. Julie says:

    Yes Tracy, I have a phrase which I repeat often when I feel out of sorts, etc.
    I say, “Let me see what I need to see, Let me hear what I need to hear.”
    It helps me in many ways. Things get clearer for me and I am shown different actions or reactions to different problems. I fully believe in these things and that they are different for everyone. Powerful post Tracy. Thank you.


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