Nocturnal Fantasy

Today I decided to go to a prompt site to look for inspiration. I found the prompt below here and decided to run with it. There may even be a series of poems inspired by this particular prompt. If so, they won’t all be in the same theme.

Write a poem based on a dream you had. Try to reproduce the sensations of the dream.

In the night you come to me, causing me to wake with a yearning for your touch

My skin feeling almost seared in the places your hands have brushed

Being awakened to an impassioned cry, realizing that it came from my lips

Lips which only moments before were being explored by yours with such fervor

How can the bed feel so cold when just moments ago you were there?

Heating the very air with the rising tensions of your love

Leaving me wanting more, craving the release at the end of the crescendo

The dream is so beautiful, yet amazingly cruel, for ’tis but a dream

And I lay here alone, begging the night to either let me return to sleep

Or let me hear a knock on the door, for that’s how it always begins

A knock on the door, which I answer to be swept into your consuming embrace.







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