Now More Than Ever, Love

The current time which we are living in has a lot of people feeling pretty stressed out and concerned over the general state of human affairs. While it is understandable that many are feeling a sense of urgency about things, especially when bombarded with many of the stories on the news, it is more important than ever to remember that there is still a lot of good in the world.

In times which seem darker, and as though our society is in a decline it can be easy to lose sight of all of the positive things which are happening…and there are many. When you think about all of the advances we’ve made in technology and medicine, it’s safe to say that much of it feels like nothing short of miraculous. Not only can we look at these areas for positive reinforcement, but there are many examples of kindness and solidarity in our world which are happening as I write this.

While it would be easy to be overwhelmed by what feels like a world spinning out of control, please try to remember that our perceptions color our realities. Yes, there are many people in this world right now who are enduring very trying circumstances over which they have little to no control. As compassionate human beings, seeing and hearing about these situations can stir up a lot of emotions. A dear friend and I were talking about this sort of thing last week. They poignantly, yet gently reminded me of so many positives about the time in which we live, and that in many aspects our world is much better now than at other points in history. It’s just that now, more than ever, we have more exposure to information.

While information is good, we should be cautious about our sources, be sure to use a little rationality when looking at our world, and try to be a bit less reactionary. The visceral reactions which bubble up in all of us in certain circumstances are very much part of being human. At the same time, that reactionary nature of ours perpetuates the divides which are troubling us in the first place. I’m not advocating that we lose our passion or capacity to truly care…simply that we stop, breathe, and find the compassion, patience, and love which can lead to solutions. At the very least, taking that time can create enough space for us to shift our focus to both the things which are positive and the ones which we can possibly do something about.

So dear readers, I am here today to encourage you and remind myself to look for the love. Look for the joy. Look for the small pleasures that make us feel alive. All of these things are there. We simply have to see them. What we would all be wise to do is to take things in, then take time to truly examine them before reacting…not to take things at face value…but to dig deeper before drawing conclusions. Very little in life is as black and white as it is often portrayed and a bit of impartiality in our examinations is more than prudent in helping us to find balance. I leave you with a quote by Confucius “He who learns, but does not think is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.”

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Now More Than Ever, Love

  1. Julie says:

    It’s time to dig down deep inside of ourselves and find whatever it is that makes you observe rather than react. Look for the good instead of always the bad. It is true that there are some truly bad people out there and we must be cautious. But you said it Tracy, “Now more than ever, love.”
    Great words to live by.

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