Another Lifetime

Barely more than a girl, I met you and the world stopped on its axis

Magical late night talks which lasted until the sun came up

Waxing poetic, deep philosophical ideas spoken softly by candlelight

In between living room picnics, with wine and slow dancing

You taught me how to love not only you, but myself

Far from perfect, what we shared was viscerally real

With your words you lifted me up, and at times cut me to the core

Our love was tumultuous, yet always circled back around

Once, I thought that it was over forever, for the pain was so deep yet

Even with a thousand miles of distance between us, we found our way back

Set to start all over again, in my new hometown, far from the past

One day your phone rang and rang, my calls went unanswered for weeks

Wondering what had happened, my heart filled with sorrow over your absence

Years went by with no word from you, then the news came and my sorrow deepened

You hadn’t left just me, but the world behind one fateful night on a dark highway

The memories of you and the love from another lifetime will always be a part of me

Thank you for making me wiser, stronger, and more gentle all at once, Mr. DJ.




4 thoughts on “Another Lifetime

  1. Julie says:

    Through your words, I feel your sorrow, your pain and your tears. No one will ever know the real extent of your pain, maybe someday it will be easier…never forgotten…just easier. My love goes out to you.


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