The Glowing Chain

This story happened when I was around 12 years old or so. We had a troubled family member staying with us for a while and over time, their troubles continued to grow. I could hear my parents talking about what they were going to about it. Even at my young age, I knew that something was very wrong. The family member had come to stay with us because they had nowhere else to go at the time. They had gotten themselves into some trouble with the law, as well as substance abuse.

When they first came to stay, things were a bit awkward but okay. After a while though, they began coming in later and later, reeking of alcohol and acting more strangely than usual. I began to hear loud arguments between my parents and this family member about the company they were keeping and the activities that they were getting into. It got to the point that my parents started to tell them that they were going to have to ask them to leave if they didn’t start doing better with their life.

One night, when I was walking down the hallway toward my bedroom, I saw my mother dragging a wooden box out from underneath our family member’s bed. It had a padlock on it. She was very bothered my this, and expressed to me that she was concerned that there were drugs in the box. We heard the kitchen door opening, so we hurriedly shoved the box back under their bed and made our way to my bedroom. We heard their bedroom door slam shut, so my mother whispered to me to keep what we had done to myself before she left my room.

Starting that night, I began to get woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of knocking which sounded like it was coming from right beside my bed. This went on for about two weeks. Each night, I would wake up and try to figure out where the knocking was coming from, to no avail. I had been telling my mom about it, and she said that she didn’t know what to think of it but that she would keep an eye open to see if our family member was up to anything funny. After a few nights, she told me that she hadn’t seen them come anywhere near my bedroom.

During this time, the family member was still staying out late and coming home under the influence of multiple substances, so the arguments got worse between them and my parents. One night, about two weeks after my mother and I had been looking at the padlocked box, I was awakened once more to the knocking sound. I hurriedly rolled over to look around my dark bedroom. This time, I saw a green glowing chain floating on the doors to the bookcase beside my bed.

It’s hard to describe this in a way that makes sense, because it truly doesn’t make any. It wasn’t a real chain. It was an image of a chain, which was glow in the dark green, and it was hovering in the air in front of the bookcase doors. I noticed that it looked like one of the “links” was broken. This sent me scrambling out of bed and into my mother’s room. I hurriedly told her what was going on. We both ran back to my room, but the chain was gone. Luckily though, she believed me. After all the stuff that had happened over the years in that house, she knew that anything was possible.

She said that she had a feeling that there was something going on with that box she had found. So, we went and broke into it and not only did we find drugs, but some other things which were very disturbing. I won’t go into that here because that would be a completely different kind of post. The things we found which were relevant to this story were some pages with symbols associated with dark belief systems, the names of demons, and a pendant with ancient symbols on it. We burned the pages and got into the car with the pendant, driving until we reached a spot where we could throw it over a cliff into some water.

The family member stayed out all night, and didn’t come home until after my father had gotten home from work the following day. Even though my dad said that he didn’t believe in any of the paranormal stuff, the fact that there were drugs and other terrible things in the box was enough for him to help my mother pack up all of the family member’s belongings and get them out of the house that night. After they, and their belongings were removed from our house, there were no more occurrences with either the knocking or the chain.


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