My heart has been tossed about in many storms

Violent gales left behind wakes of damage and distrust

Taking years to repair, as the gaping tears knit back together

The moments spent in the eye of the storm were befuddling

As I looked around in the void where my beloved should be found

To see nothing, to hear faint echoes of words devoid of meaning

How does one take shelter from the searing bolts of truth

When the innermost self speaks of what it truly needs?

I can lie and pretend until the end of time, it doesn’t erase what’s real

Doesn’t make the truth of what would make the sun shine again any less true

Many a life has been lost to complacency, to those sweet little lies we tell ourselves

Just as surely as the heavens will open up again to release their furies

My heart will keep speaking the truth of what it needs until I heed it

As exciting as it has been to play in the rain and dance in the howling winds

One of my most tightly held secrets is that I long for shelter, a sanctuary

A place where I know that there is not only longing, but belonging.







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