Poem ~ Where Silence Has Lease

*Note – This poem was inspired by the title of an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. This is not a piece of “fandom” poetry. I simply loved the name of the episode. On with the poem.

Moments in time, spent in the spaces where silence has lease

Are not moments of empty despair, but of quiet comfort

Filled with magical moments found in the hush of a forest

Walking down shaded paths, hand in hand, no voices cluttering the crisp air

Sitting in the window, watching the rain as it clears the world outside

Washing away remnants of the busy hum of normally bustling streets

Nestling into the warmth and contentment of fluffy pillows and favorite blankets

The gentle rise and fall of a chest ‘neath your head, a heart beating a soothing lullaby

Slowing down for a while, blissfully escaping the fray of day to day life

It is here that we can simply be, with no demands or pressures to be or do anything

Other than the base essence of who we are, so simple and free, drifting with ease






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