Love Letter ~ Grace

Dear beautiful souls,

Lately, I’ve been thinking a good bit about grace in the sense of the definition of the word when used as a verb.

verb: grace; 3rd person present: graces; past tense: graced; past participle: graced; gerund or present participle: gracing
  1. 1.
    do honor or credit to (someone or something) by one’s presence.

Without going into too much detail about the past, I will simply say that my past has left me in a state of finding balance in all areas, including grace. It can be very difficult sometimes to truly grace the people that we love with our presence. Sometimes, such as in my case, people find themselves in the position of learning how to draw boundaries and practice self care later in life.

What happens is that sometimes there’s regret about the way that things were handled, or about the reactions which take place as we are finding our way to wholeness. For me personally, I’ve come to realize that I could definitely do better with this in some situations. Now, that it has drifted into my awareness, it is one of my goals to find balance in this area.

Yes, it is important that we respect our own boundaries and limitations. At the same time, when we are doing something with or for others, are we doing so with grace? Are we honoring them while we are in their presence, or are we acting in such a way which is less than gracious? These are the questions which I’ve been asking myself a lot lately because I’ve seen room for improvement, and while this isn’t something which I am pleased with, I am thankful that I’ve recognized it.

All people deserve to be treated with dignity…to have their existence treated with kindness. Of course, there are different levels of this expression of appreciation depending on our relationships with the people involved. In the broad sense of this discussion, my goal is to do my best to make sure that I not make anyone feel diminished as a being. While I might not take them all into my home and heart, I can still recognize their existence with respect, even if they aren’t aware of it due to lack of contact, etc.

For those in my inner circle and those who I feel compelled to draw nearer to for a little while however, it is my goal to make sure that the other person walk away from our interaction feeling valued and appreciated. Bad days happen. Sometimes I don’t feel well. Sometimes I get triggered. This happens to all of us. I’m not talking about being perfect. Just about doing better. In many ways, due to my history, I know that I am a late bloomer and I’m okay with that. Sometimes though, the waters get a little rough to navigate and it causes me to pause and evaluate my course.

While this letter is largely about something very personal to me, I feel that it is something that a lot of us either do or likely could use to evaluate from time to time. So lovely readers, perhaps this is something which we can all think about as the week progresses. Are we interacting with the world and our loved ones with grace? Is there anything which we could do do improve that a bit?

No matter what, do not point a finger of blame at yourself or anyone else as you ask these questions. This isn’t about fault finding. It’s about making the world a better place and bringing more brightness and love into the lives of those we touch.

Much love,


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