Microfiction ~ Sleep Driving

I felt like doing some microfiction, but wasn’t coming up with any inspiration, so I went out looking for some prompts. I wound up at this site and chose the prompt below:

What started off as a sleepwalking problem leads to a night of adventure when Dane gets behind the wheel and does what he was too afraid to do when he was awake.

As he does almost every night, Dane stumbled out of bed and walked into the kitchen with no awareness that he was doing so. Only this time something was different. He grabbed his car keys and went into the garage, climbed in his car and backed out into the silent 3am street. He drove numbly into the downtown and stopped at a light.

The light turned green and as he was halfway through the intersection, a man walked out into the street, right in front of him causing Dane to slam on the brake. The man stood right in front of Dane’s car and flipped him the bird. Something snapped, and Dane did something he had only fantasized about before. He floored the gas pedal and thudded over the man like a human speed bump. Horrified and exhilarated at the same time, Dane kept driving.

He drove to his boss’s house and sped into the back of his car which was parked in the driveway. Then, he backed up and did it again and again before tearing off down the street. He was tired of the way the guy always stole his ideas and treated him like crap. His last visit of the night was to the diner where he went for breakfast a few days a week. There was a waitress there who he had asked out, and not only had she turned him down, she proceeded to make nasty comments every time he came in after he’d asked. The last time he was there, she called him a loser. So, he floored the accelerator a block away from the diner, and plowed through one corner of the dining area and out through the one on the opposite side of the large dining room, leaving shattered glass and splintered tables in his wake.

The next morning, he went out to get into his car to go to work and looked at his battered car in confused horror. Since he was running late, he decided to call for a cab and make a claim with his insurance company from the office. When he got to work, he walked into quite a scene. A group of people, including his boss were gathered around the coffee pot. He overheard his boss telling everyone that a maniac had crashed into his car in his driveway the night before. Then a few of his coworkers chimed in saying that there must have been a madman on the loose, because someone had run over a guy and driven through a popular downtown diner the night before too.

Dane walked numbly to his desk, with the awareness of what he had done slowly sinking in. Before logging into his computer for the day’s work he muttered, “I’m really glad I didn’t make that claim this morning”.


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