The Attic Dweller

*Notice- the first paranormal tale which I shared here last week was one of a positive entity. This tale is a darker tale.

The house which I grew up in was full of paranormal activity. This is just one of the stories which I’ll be sharing from my childhood home. The attic of my family’s home was an unfinished one, and was used for storage of seasonal clothing and other items which weren’t in daily use. From the earliest times that I can remember, I hated having to go into the attic.

As soon as you opened the door and started walking up the stairs, the feeling was that I was being watched. There was no heat or air conditioning in the attic, but not matter what time of year it was, there was always a blast of cold air that would hit me a few steps up the stairs. Once you reached the top though, the temperature in the attic changed to reflect the weather outdoors, but the bottom of that staircase was always icy.

At the top of the stairs, there were two unfinished dormers off to the sides which only had beams (no finished floor). This was where the attic dweller lived. I can remember when going up into the attic, the dormer to the left when going up the stairs was where it would be hiding in the shadows. It didn’t really have a human form, as there were no distinguishable features to it. It did have a human-like shape, as it was tall and narrow like a person, but that was where the resemblance ended. It was completely black and was not transparent. This thing was solid. Every now and then, if it was dark outside, I could get a glimpse of red eyes in the darkness.

Once you topped the stairs into the attic, to get to the main part where there was a floor, you had to turn right and walk past the other dormer to get to the main room. Once over in the main room, the attic dweller would shift positions based upon where I was in the attic. If I could still see it from where I was, it would stay in the left dormer, but if I wasn’t within eye shot, it would appear in the right dormer. I could feel it watching me the entire time I was up there, which is probably why no one ever seemed to stay up there for very long.

I can remember trying to ignore it a few times, because my mother stored some of my grandmother’s old clothing up there, and I loved looking through her old dresses and remembering our tea and dance parties while she listened to the Lawrence Welk Show on TV. It would not be ignored though. If I tried to stay up there, it would send icy blasts of air out of the dormers into the main room, no matter how hot it was outside. When these blasts of cold air would hit me, it made me physically ill, making it impossible to stay up there.

Leaving the attic was never a good experience. The attic dweller would always be waiting at the edge of the shadows of the dormer and reach out to try to touch me as I darted past. Those stairs were never walked down…no way…you ran. I could feel it on my tail all the way down those stairs, the air rushing at my back until I slammed the door to the attic shut behind me. I was too young when living in that house (I moved out at 16) to give much thought to what it might be. All I knew was that it felt nasty and that I wanted to be nowhere near it. Thankfully, this particular entity seemed to be confined to the attic for whatever reason. There were a lot more things living in and around that house. Those are tales for another day.

4 thoughts on “The Attic Dweller

  1. Julie says:

    Oh how I remember those days. Terrifying, alarming,petrifying and unnerving. Those red eyes looking back at you from the dark dormer were sinister. I don’t think my feet hit one of those stairs on the way down. Oh yes sister dear…I remember. I love you Tracy.


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