Need An Energy Boost?

Over the past several months, both myself and many others have been experiencing very low physical energy levels. It seems as though no matter how much sleep one gets (if you are fortunate enough to be getting enough), it hardly feels like enough to remain energized throughout the day. As I sit here wishing for a little more alertness to get me through the rest of my evening, I decided to dig through some resources and find a few crystals or stones which help with energy boosts.

I’m a big fan of rocks, and have them everywhere…no joke…all over my apartment, in every room including the kitchen and bathroom, in my purse, usually in my pockets or bra, and of course on my fingers. A lot of stones contain gentle energy which is nice for various things, but I wanted to come up with a few that are real energy boosters. The two that topped the list for me are below.

The first is citrine. These beauties are known as super chargers for energy and inspiration.

(image found on pixabay)


The second is aventurine. This stone promotes joy and lightness of spirit.

(image found on pixabay)


To help boost the energy of the stones, I wish to pass along a few recommendations for aromatherapy. Citrus, especially lemon and orange are excellent mood and energy boosters. In addition to citrus, I enjoy peppermint. Peppermint has a tendency to give more of an initial mental energetic boost, but this transitions nicely into physical energy once the mind is energized.

These have helped me in the past, and I hope that they will be useful for those of you who are in the same low energetic boat these days. I’ll be digging mine out in the morning to give me a boost for the rest of the week.



6 thoughts on “Need An Energy Boost?

    • Tracy Moore says:

      I can understand that. Not long ago, I realized that I was drinking an entire pot of coffee a day and still dragging. Then, I stopped to think about what else I could be doing to help myself. Isn’t it amazing how we just seem to forget the things that we know are so good for us? If you get some, I’d like to hear how you feel after using them for a while. 🙂

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