Tea Loving Spirit

While I still live in the same 90 some year old building as I have for four and a half years, I am now in a different apartment, with stories of its own. The story here took place in the last apartment that I lived in. There were quite a few unexplained noises and experiences of things moving inexplicably in my third floor dwelling. As in quite a few active locations I’ve visited, I didn’t feel anything threatening about what was going on there.

There are a few locations in this 14 story building which do make me uncomfortable, but those stories too, are tales for another day. After living in my old apartment for a few months, I decided to dig out my digital recorder for an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session. While most of the recording consisted of little more than a few knocking and popping sounds, I did get an intelligent reply. When I asked if there was anyone else in the apartment with me, I heard a knock on the wall from the other room.

I took that as a yes, so continued, asking for a name. Upon playback, I heard the clear reply, “This is Roger”. So, I said hello to Roger and let him know that if he wished to stay that he was welcome as long as he kept things friendly. Of course I also explained that he was no longer among the living and could go if he chose to go. Apparently, he decided to stay, which was fine with me. Not long after this, I began having an interesting recurring experience which I admit freaked me out a little the first time that it happened.

The apartment was fairly small, with the living room adjoining the kitchen. My usual spot on the couch was at least a good eight or so feet from the refrigerator. One night I was sitting there, watching some TV, and a box of tea came sailing off of the top of the refrigerator and landed at my feet. As I said, the first time this happened was a little creepy. After I settled down after this happened, it occurred to me that the box of tea did not make contact with my body.

My thought then, and now, was that either Roger or another “visitor” liked tea as much as I do. Trust me, I have more tea in my cabinet than the selection in some stores, so there was a lot to choose from. The first time that a box of tea came flying across the room, it was an Earl Grey with bergamot. After that first time, a box of tea came across the room at least eight more times in the four years that I lived in that apartment. Of those occasions, the same Earl Grey was the selection six times. In two other occasions that I can remember, one time it was peppermint tea and the other was ginger. Since moving from the old apartment, there have been no more experiences with tea, so my thought is that it was Roger and he decided to stay behind when I moved.

This is just one tale of many that I will be sharing here from over the years. In the past, I haven’t talked much about my experiences with the paranormal, but feel ready to share some of them now. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my tea loving roommate. I’ll share another tale at some point in the near future. While I’ve only gone on two “official” investigations in the past, as a medium, I’ve had many encounters going back to early childhood.

6 thoughts on “Tea Loving Spirit

  1. Angel Stew & Devil's Brew says:

    I’m super interested in these stories Julie as I feel we are a family that spirits grab onto and never let go. Most of the time these spirits are harmless but occasionally we get some that like to leave scratches on my boys backs and ribcage. That’s somewhat frightening. Even in this apt we live in now we have visitors. It gets annoying after a time.

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