NaPoWriMo ~ Day 25 ~ Spaces

The prompt today at NaPoWriMo is to write a poem which explores a small, defined space.

Trinket Pouch

Inside your palm-size leather boundaries lie comfort

You go with me everywhere, containing little things with lots of meaning

A small photo out of a photo booth from a lifetime ago

Which chronicles the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of sisters

A few acorns, a tradition borrowed from the ancient Norse people

To imbue my heart with a sense of strength and the energy of life

Rose quartz as a reminder of love, a reminder to hold it in my heart

And a reminder that it is alive and well in the world

There are other things hidden inside of this pouch

These things are just for me – others might find them silly

But to me they are symbols of things which are sacred

Little reminders of the sweeter, more gentle side of life

With just a dash of fortitude thrown in for good measure.

NaPoWriMo ~ Day 22 ~ Georgic

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a georgic in honor of Earth Day.

Treat Her Well

Our beautiful mother Earth has been crying out for help

Begging us to relent in our quest for the almighty dollar

For long enough to see what we are doing to her, to our home

There is so much beauty in her lands, skies, and seas

She works hard to keep herself pristine despite our destructive actions

The natural order of things is amazingly adept at keeping things in balance

But how long can she carry on as her filters get clogged and her cleansing

Waters grow more and more acidic and sullied?


Mother earth is not averse to our progress, which is apparent

When we see the abundance of resources with which she offers us to work

It is our greed and lust for money and power which has begun to ring her death knell

Some wonder if it is already too late, but they underestimate her amazing ability

To regenerate and heal, both herself and the things which live in and on her

The time has come to nurture her in the way that she has us

Look around and see the amazing gifts in the everyday things that many of us rush by

Without her we have nothing, so it is time to treat her well.


NaPoWriMo ~ Day 21 ~ Possessed

I’m a day behind so, this is a catch up post. I’ll be doing today’s poem shortly after this one. The prompt yesterday at NaPoWriMo was to use something that you overheard as the basis for a poem.


She’s possessed by the devil I heard them say, when just a girl of ten

The elders in the church and a few members of my family spoke these grave words

An already terrified heart was filled with even more fear

For this meant that surely their god could never love me

It felt as though my fate had been sealed, that I had been deemed unredeemable

What a way for a child to feel, the tone was set for many years of hard lessons

The height of the mountain of self doubt and depracation was like that of Everest

For many years I became the yes girl, the girl who went out of her way to please

Thinking that this is how I was supposed to be, even though being that person

Dimmed the light in my soul a little more with each passing year

But there was no choice in my damaged psyche for any other action because

My offense, my “pact with the devil” had been to question their teachings about love

How could it be considered love to treat people in the way that they advocated?

My young mind couldn’t wrap its mind around how it could be right to shun

To punish so severely as to break a person’s spirit was their way of bringing

A sheep properly back into the flock and keep them on the path to paradise

How dare I question the word of those who knew better, and even worse, god himself

You may have worn me down and created a storm inside of me which raged for years

But never once was my spirit defeated, for you were mere mortals

Who placed themselves on high, appointing one another into positions

That only exist in your own twisted minds and pervert the very notion of what love is

If anyone shall be damned, it will not be that innocent girl whose innocence you marred

You shall be the ones who have to lie in the beds which you made, as I carry on in life

With my head held high, knowing that I broke my pact with the devil

On the day that I walked away from you and began my journey to healing.



NaPoWriMo ~ Day 20 ~ Sunflower Haiku

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a poem that incorporates the vocabulary and imagery of a particular sport or game. As fun as that prompt sounds, I think I’m going to go it on my own and write a haiku. It has been a while and I miss writing them.

Happy face tilts up

To soak up the sun’s warm glow

Follows ’til moonrise



NaPoWriMo ~ Day 19 ~ Creation Myth

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a poem which recounts creation myth.

How Your Life Came To Be A Mess

It is an epic tale, that of how your life came to be in shambles

The web you’ve spun which centers around how the world has done you wrong

Now flutters in the wind, barely holding on to its anchor in tatters

As the truth unfolds and the deceptions are made clear

Even you cannot remember all of the lies you’ve told, so how do you expect

The world, and especially me to believe in the ever morphing version

Which you call the truth?


Everywhere you go, things lie in ruins in your wake

From property, to relationships, and the hearts of those who love you

Yet, to hear you tell the tale it is everyone else’s fault but yours

It was the fault of your family who love you dearly and have

Done everything in their power to help you to get on your feet

Because they cannot send unlimited amounts of money to

Pay your way out of yet another self-created disaster


It was the fault of the mean landlord who had the nerve to expect

That the rent was paid on time and the home kept to a livable standard

How dare they make such unreasonable demands?

It wasn’t your fault that you spent all of your money on gadgets, takeout, and booze

And that all of those dirty clothes and trash covered the floor and walls

After all, how could you endure all of your hardships without the latest i-Phone?


It was the fault of your employer that you got your hours cut and eventually fired

Because they unreasonably expected that you show up on time, look presentable and

Go through the day with a decent attitude and demeanor. What is wrong with them?

You can’t be expected to be in a good mood when you are hung over.


It was the fault of the school for butting in where they do not belong

Calling the authorities due to glaringly obvious problems which created

Concern for the well-being of all of your children. Who did they think they were?

To feel love and concern for this beautiful child, not to mention performing

Their legal obligation to report what looks like neglect and abuse is unfathomable

To you.


In your eyes, the world has picked on you something fiercely

Granted life hasn’t been perfect. No one’s has, and that’s the truth

Despite your feelings of martyrdom and ability to believe your own lies

It is time to dispel the myth and get to the heart of the matter


You have always been loved by people who have bent over backward

Despite how you choose to see it. By people with oftentimes way larger

Problems than your own, and through no fault of their own. After all

No one chooses to have a physical ailment, as one chooses to prioritize

Ridiculousness over that of the wellbeing of their families and themselves.


You have always been supported by those who love you to the best of

Their abilities, mostly with not so much as a thank you or a phone call

To simply say hello and how are you. Did you expect that this could go on

Forever? That once you brought new lives into this world that a blind eye

Could continue to be turned while you systematically destroy those lives?

Before casting stones toward those who have and would have given their all

To be there for you, look in the mirror please, and admit that you need help

Real help in order to heal the things which drive you down a dangerous path

Understand that the time has come for you to learn the difference between

Love and enabling. Then you might see that you have never been alone, and

That those who love you can no longer help you to harm yourself and the

Innocent ones you’ve chosen to bring into this world.




NaPoWriMo ~ Day 18 ~ Neologisms

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a poem using neologisms, which are made up words.

Sometimes There Are No Words

There are times when I find myself searching

Not knowing the right words to express something

Like the feeling that I get in my chest

When a special someone leans in and kisses me

My knees go all kerwobblish and my heart buzz-tumbles in my chest

It’s the feeling of my entire being coming alive

The spring in my step restored with every percussion and

Flash of love bombs going off, releasing a haze of bliss bubbles

Which envelop me in an intoxicating cloud, lost in the moment

Everything ceases to exist outside of the building

Intensity of emotion and desire.


Is there even a word big enough, powerful enough

To describe that wild rush of feelings coursing through

My veins? They take over. My tongue gets tied, and I lose

The ability to think clearly. When it builds to near-madness, the

Only thing that matters is drawing nearer, to be able to

Feel the warmth of bodies entwined in a passion pretzel

A whisper of breath down the side of my neck drives

Me to the brink of a fantabulous meltdown in which

I turn into a swirling puddle of pink and purple

Ecstasy-waves which swirl and crash in a crazy rhythm

At the mercy of his gravitational pull. Like the sea and the moon

We are caught up in the dance till the ardorcane passes and we

Lazily drift into the eye, waiting for the next round to make landfall.

NaPoWriMo ~ Day 17 ~ Nocturne

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to write a poetic nocturne.


Your Glow

When you are with me, there’s magic in the air

The world seems to sparkle with glitter

Perhaps it’s fairy dust, who knows.

The only thing certain is that life is sweeter

With you in it.

When the hour grows late, and the stars light the night

They can’t compare to the sparkle in your eyes

As you look at me in that way, which only you do

Eventually, our time winds down and you take your leave

In your wake, there remains a smile on my face

And a slight chill as the space that you filled cools.

A little piece of me always hates the goodbye

Yet there is no room for melancholy to set in

For I know that you will return soon

With your ready smile and soft lips in tow.


NaPoWriMo ~ Day 16 ~ Letters

Today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo is to write a poem inspired by the act of letter writing.

The Best Things

Mom always used to say that the best things in life do not cost a thing

And she was right. Some of my warmest memories are of times spent

Talking late into the night with family, friends, lovers.  Those memories

can cut through the most bitter and cold times, making my heart glow.

Whether those talks were lighthearted silliness, consoling one another

Or heartfelt confessions of love and tenderness, they dwell eternally

In spaces of my being which nothing or no one can ever take away.


And sometimes, volumes have been spoken without a word parting anyone’s lips.

Just a feeling of belonging with one another. Sprawled around a campfire, cuddled on

A couch in a darkened living room watching movies or listening to music, or lying with

an ear to someone’s chest…oh those silences have been golden. True comfort with

Another being. It doesn’t get any better than that. Sweet, silent spaces are the home of

real love between people. That’s when you just know.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how precious it is to hear the joyous laughter

Of someone dear ringing in the air. It is a sound sweeter than the most well composed

Works of any master. Seeing a wide smile that reaches the eyes is a sight to behold, for

It is so genuine. When the faces that I love are illuminated and animated with happiness

My own soul sings a song of pure bliss. For my wish is for my loved ones to know such

elation that it surpasses their dreams. It is contagious symbiosis.


So many have touched my life with these most simple, most precious joys and I

Have to say thank you. Without each and every one of you, my life would have

Been less rich and full. When looking back over time, whether decades ago or only

Yesterday, my mind plays these moments back, and it is like watching the most

Beautiful tapestry imaginable being woven, one gossamer strand at a time. From the

Bottom of my heart, I send my gratitude for the light that you have all shined into

My life. It will live forever, and I will always be a better person for having known you.